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The best customer testimonial!

Thanks for your support and may I commend you on the other information on your website. The detailed articles (Spine Talk) (Body Mechanics) and (Pllow FAQ's) are outstanding. As a trained communications person I am really impressed and I got more solid info on my situation than in any other medical site I surfed.

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Spine TalkAnatomy of the Spine relating to accute neck & back pain for patients with neck and back pain.
Body MechanicsAvoid back injury with proper body mechanics for daily activities. Proper sitting, standing, sleeping bed mobility, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying. Ergonomics to adapt the work place to the person.
Pillows FAQ'sFAQ's: Help to prevent back and neck pain with pillows & backrests, proper sitting, proper spine alignment, proper sleeping, upper and lower back & neck pain.


Are you in pain? We can help!

Do you have a lot of back and neck pain and unable to sleep through the night?

Are you struggling with back pain that limits your ability to perform even normal activities?

Do you suffer from back pain while sitting at a desk or driving to and from work each day?

Do you ever feel like you have a board glued to the back of your neck because you have such stiffness whenever you try and turn your head?

PAIN, great or small, has altered your way of life. If your back or neck pain is chronic, you may find yourself coming to terms with the fact that life will never be the same again. If you experience mild pain, perhaps something as simple as an exercise program such as Pilates or Tai Chi, and a massage will do the trick. Either way, there are resources that can help smooth the rugged road of living with your back or neck condition and get back to a normal life.

Want to Alleviate Your Back or Neck Pain? We have helped hundreds of people suffering with horrible back and neck pain, people just like you. 
You no longer need to suffer from pain. Discover what actually works for you. Browse through our entire online catalog, featuring our Cervical Spine Pillows, Bolster Pillows, Posture Wedges, Backrest Supports, Massage Therapy Products, Back Support Belts, Hot & Cold Therapy and Back Packs.

Feel free to contact us at customersupport@painpointpillowsource.com with your questions, concerns or problems. Our helpful customer service department is looking forward to assisting you.

Featured Products

Cervical PillowsCervical PillowsTherapeutic pillows for proper support of the neck that accommodate correct and maintain your cervical spine, giving you proper sleeping posture. Positioning ProductsPositioning ProductsBody Positioning Aides: A variety of comfort and support. Positioning the neck for extra support, elevate the legs, take pressure off the knees and spine, provide a cushion between the legs, and more. Leg Spacers,Wedges,Rolls, Bolsters, Body Cushions Backrest SupportsBackrest SupportsWhether you are traveling or sitting a Lumbar backrest support cushion will help promote proper posture while providing lumbar support and comfort for your upper and lower back. Massage Therapy ProductsMassage Therapy ProductsMassage products for clinical treatment, Massage Therapy Body Cushions, Face cradles - the ultimate experience of total relief... Relief for Back and neck Pain
Back Belts & SupportsBack Belts & SupportsSay goodbye to back pain, be safe than sorry with Back Supports, Lumbar Supports, Sacroiliac, Abdominal, Rib, Trochanter, Maternity, Industrial Supports, Hot & Cold TherapyHot & Cold TherapyGetting pain and muscle soreness relief is easy, natural with effective Hot & Cold Therapy pain management. Hot and Cold Packs. Back PacksBack Packs




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