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Cervical Pillows that provide proper alignment of the spine

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Spine TalkAnatomy of the Spine relating to accute neck & back pain for patients with neck and back pain.
Body MechanicsAvoid back injury with proper body mechanics for daily activities. Proper sitting, standing, sleeping bed mobility, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying. Ergonomics to adapt the work place to the person.
Pillows FAQ'sFAQ's: Help to prevent back and neck pain with pillows & backrests, proper sitting, proper spine alignment, proper sleeping, upper and lower back & neck pain.
Therapeutic Cervical Neck Support Pillow
Therapeutic pillows for proper support of the neck to accommodate, correct and maintain your cervical spine, giving you proper sleeping posture.

Cervical Pillows

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AB Contour Pillow (SKU: CPM-109)AB Contour Pillow is unique contour design constructed with high-quality memory foam with a satin cover that is gentle on your skin and hair. Helps supports your neck in its most natural sleeping posture. Helps relieve cervical strain, tension headaches, pain from neck injuries and arthritis and provides low back support.
Air-Core Adjustable Pillow (SKU: CPM-204)Air-Core Adjustable Pillow has all the benefits of #1 selling Tri-Core plus the convenient of air pump adjustability. The correct stage of the Tri Care Circle™ of Health by addressing the cause of disorders, by restoring the curvature of the neck and eliminating the symptoms associated with tension headaches, pain from neck injuries and arthritis. And also reduces snoring by correcting blocked airways. For back and side sleepers.
Basic Cervical Pillow (SKU: CPM-160)The Basic Cervical memory foam pillow has a smooth surface; firm or gentle support. With two different support lobes. Correct and maintain stage to help improve the curvature of your neck helping to alleviate tension headaches, neck pain and the discomforts of arthritis and other ailments
CervAlign Pillow (SKU: CPM-265)The CervAlign Core pillow is custom fitted to you. Curved design allows for shoulder comfort. Curved cervical lobes follows neckline, maintaining proper neck support when sleeping on back or side.
Cervitrac Pillow (SKU: CPM-260)Cervitrac Core pillow is a multi-channel design pillow engineered to allow you to choose the support level needed. Top and bottom channels are sized to provide different support levels. Side channels are great for side sleepers. Five separate fiber channels limit fiber migration for long lasting support and comfort. The center cradles your head to support your neck in its most natural position in helping relieve pain from neck injuries and prevent airway blockage (a major cause of snoring).
Core CPAP Pillow (SKU: CPM-279)Core CPAP Pillows provide proper neck support, comfort and compliance for patients with sleep apnea.
Core Deluxe Water Pillow (SKU: CPM-294)The Core Deluxe Water Pillow is the most versitle pillow for all three of the TriCare Stages. Accomodates and help relieve neck pain, helps correct the cause of pain and helps maintain your body's proper position for continued good health. Highly recommended by chiropractors.
Core Memory Pillow - Full Size (SKU: CPM-197)Core Memory Pillow is Comfortable, 100% viscoelastic memory foam uses your body heat to mold to the unique shape of your head and neck. Provides custom support to accommodate acute conditions. Accommodates, stabilizes injuries & conditions. Two lobes of different sizes for custom neck support.
Core Memory Pillow - Mid Size (SKU: CPM-190)Core Memory Pillow is Comfortable, 100% viscoelastic memory foam uses your body heat to mold to the unique shape of your head and neck. Provides custom support to accommodate acute conditions. Proportionately sized for smaller adults and teens.
Core Perfect Rest Pillow (SKU: CPM-230)The Core Perfect Rest Pillow is an extra-firm roll supporting the neck, while the soft cushioning area supports the head. A comfortable combination for a good night’s rest.
D-Core Pillow (SKU: CPM-240)D-Core Pillow has a patented D-shaped center that supports the head and neck during sleep to relieve pain and to help remedy many common ailments, including tension headaches, neck spasms, arthritis and snoring. Restore natural curvature of neck and upper spine.
Double Core Select Pillow (SKU: CPM-172)The Double Core Select pillow has two different sized lobes and four interchangeable, precision-cut memory foam cores. Each core is color-coded to differentiate the support level, from mild to extra-firm. As your neck health gets better, you will naturally crave more support from your pillow. You get to choose the level of support you need without changing pillows.
Econo-Wave Pillow (SKU: CPM-103)Core Econo-Wave Pillow is a popular memory foam support pillow at an economical price. The waved surface provides even support and allows air to circulate while soothing your neck. Two lobe sizes offer different support levels
Headache Ice Pillo (SKU: CPM-235)Headache Ice Pillo is a medically recommended cold therapy pillow treatment as part of the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment method. Designed by a Headache Specialist. Good for helping treat migraine and tension headaches, also helps pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains and other traumas
Memory Air-Core Pillow (SKU: CPM-192)Memory Air-Core Pillow is Memory Plus™ technology with memory foam top layer combined with an air insert that increases lobe firmness with every pump. Together, they help restore the natural curvature of the neck during the Correct stage of the TriCare Circle of Health, reducing neck, shoulder and back pain, and alleviating the symptoms of tension headaches and arthritis discomforts.
Memory Plus Pillow (SKU: CPM-191)Memory Plus Pillow is a layered memory foam pillow that promotes proper sleeping posture. The base helps correct and maintain proper neck posture. The memory foam top layer conforms to your head giving you a soothing, custom fit. Reducing neck, shoulder and back pain, and alleviating the symptoms of tension headaches and arthritis discomforts.
Memory Travel Core Pillow (SKU: CPM-193)Memory Travel Core Pillow is the same great travel convenience. Memory foam responds to body heat and conforms to the unique shape of your head and neck. Helps to comfortably stabilize and accommodate an existing condition. Helps support your head and neck so you can relax. Versatile for use at home or when traveling.
Mid-Core Support Pillows (SKU: CPM-221)Mid-Core Pillows offer a way to help correct and maintain your cervical spine, giving you the proper sleeping posture needed to help support your neck to relieve pain and restore natural curvature. Relieve headaches, neck strains, arthritis and other ailments. Slightly smaller size to more comfortably fit smaller adults and teens.
Original Double Core Pillow (SKU: CPM-170)Original Double Core Pillow allows you to choose the levels of neck support most comfortable for you. Precision-cut memory foam with special color-coded lobe inserts provides two levels of cervical support in one pillow to help alleviate tension headaches, joint sprains and arthritis pain.
TearDrop Pillow (SKU: CPM-5131)The Teardrop Pillow helps even the most die-hard stomach sleepers transition to a healthier sleeping posture. The Teardrop Pillow helps maintain comfort while sleeping on your side--the position most recommended by healthcare professionals. Side sleeping aligns the head and neck and relieves pressure on the back and vital organs also provides leg spacing and torso support for proper spinal alignment.
Travel Core Pillow (SKU: CPM-225)Travel Core™ Pillow provides the therapeutic comfort of the popular Tri-Core Pillow while traveling. Supports your neck to help prevent stiffness from sleeping or sitting. Helps in treating headaches.
Tri-Core Comfort Zone (SKU: CPM-8200)Tri-Core Comfort Zone Pillow has Outlast Thermocules developed by NASA to protect astronauts against temperature fluctuations in space. The Tri-Core Comfort Pillow responds to changes in your body temperature by absorbing heat when you get too warm, and releasing it back when you cool down. It is the orthopedic pillow that eliminates temperature swings, reduces overheating and night sweating, allowing you restful sleep.
Tri-Core Petite Pillow (SKU: CPM-218)Tri-Core Petite Pillow gently supports neck to relieve pain, restore natural curvature of the neck. Same great performance as the Tri-Core in a pillow that has been specially sized to help children get relief from headaches and neck pain. For back and side sleepers.
Tri-Core Support Pillow (SKU: CPM-200) (SKU: CPM-200)Tri-Core pillow is the most recommended therapeutic cervical support pillow offering a way to help accomodate, correct and maintain your cervical spine, giviing you the proper sleeping posture needed to help relieve headaches, neck and back pain, arthritis and other ailments.

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